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Model GRS
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World’s First all-in-one, handheld, dual frequency GNSS Receiver and Field Controller

  • Smallest, lightest RTK rover receiver
  • 1cm RTK accuracy
  • Dual-frequency, 72 channel GPS + GLONASS receiver
  • Fastest receiver—100Hz
  • Integrated cell phone (GSM, CDMA)
  • 806MHz XScale Processor
  • Bright, touch screen display
  • Integrated camera & compass
  • Windows® Mobile 6.1 Operating System
  • Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and Wireless LAN connectivity

Topcon, the company that brought you the first integrated GPS receiver now brings you the first fully integrated handheld GNSS receiver and field controller!

Small & Lightweight Design—ideal network rover

Scalable & Expandable—handheld or on-the-pole


Topcon’s new GRS-1 (Geodetic Rover System) is the world’s first fully integrated dual constellation network enabled RTK rover system. It is an all-in-one handheld GNSS receiver and field controller featuring high-speed processor, increased memory, built-in camera and digital compass. Also integrated are an SD memory card slot, optional internal GSM or CDMA modem, and wireless connectivity via Wireless LAN and Bluetooth® wireless technology.

The GRS-1 achieves three primary and evolutionary goals for a GNSS receiver: small size, minimal weight, and affordability. It provides DGPS capability via an internal L1 antenna, perfect for the GIS and navigation space. Instantly move to centimeter RTK accurate dual frequency / dual constellation GNSS by simply adding a carbon-fiber pole with Topcon’s PGA-1 external antenna then connect to your local GNSS network via the internal modem. As an added benefit, the GRS-1 can also be used as a static post processed receiver system.

Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Camera

That’s right, the GRS-1 comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera with autofocus for taking pictures. Store photos on-board with the 1GB of Flash memory or use the external SD card slot for additional memory.

Internal Magnetic Compass

Utilizing compass bearing with GNSS positioning, the magnetic compass allows for additional measurements to be taken from a single location.

Extra Memory

With 1GB Flash standard, the GRS-1 is loaded with memory. But if you need more, the SD card slot and the mini USB Host functionality can provide additional memory. Use the USB mini port as both a Host and Client. This functionality allows for expanded memory and easy file transfer through USB flash drives or SD memory cards.

Expansion Connector

Weatherproof expansion port allows for the addition of the RH-1 unit. The RH-1 will allow the GRS-1 to communicate with radio based base stations for RTK operation. It is compatible with all previous radio types that are currently in use with Topcon GNSS systems. This includes Digital UHF, Spread Spectrum, and FCS enabled UHF radios from all previous Topcon systems.

Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN

Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and Wireless LAN connectivity come standard. No need for expensive upgrades or CF cards. Use your device in a typical Hotspot to surf the web, check weather or e-mail files back to the office. When not in use, Topcon also provides a way to turn Bluetooth and Wireless LAN off to conserve battery power




Nothing pairs with a Topcon Field Controller better than Topcon’s TopSURV 7!…

TopSURV 7 Field Controller Software

for Surveying and Data Collection

TopSURV 7 is a whole new experience from field to finish. From its all-new, super-efficient database engine to its near-universal exporting abilities, 7 delivers the power to simplify and speed your data collection and delivery.

Speed, GUI, and a feel for the road

The new engine has cut file sizes by an amazing 60%, but that’s just what’s under the hood. Its new graphical user interface and intuitive operation are where the rubber meets the road. Icon driven, with no more than four clicks to get to any operation, 7 helps you quickly negotiate the trickiest turns—both on the controller and onboard. Real-time re-computation of recorded data puts an end to time-wasting pit stops.

Advanced Import/Export, Coding, and Setup

Stock or custom, 7 supports all major file formats and lets you visually create custom codes and ordering to insure a perfect transfer every time. Its new station offset and string list features bring added versatility and efficiency to setup and operation.



Features include:

  • Large Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Graphical Stakeout
  • Map View Data Collection
  • Fast Job Management and Storage
  • Integrated Camera Function
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